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last updated: October/08/2014

“Live San Antonio” is a film project that supports artists and San Antonio’s Culture. The purpose of “Live San Antonio” is to highlight and expose underrated talent, art, and culture.

The long term goal of “Live San Antonio” is to provide a vast artistic video library available to San Antonio and the world.

Sponsorship for videos are available to help support our campaign.

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Pony Express Love Letters!

Rogy Productions is proud to present the “Pony Express Love Letters,” the first official “Live San Antonio” episode. The “Pony Express Love Letters” is a community project in which The Briscoe Museum and San Antonio B-Cycle partnered to spread love across the downtown and Central San Antonio Area.The Rogy productions crew was delighted to work with The Briscoe Western Art Museum and bring you this short documentary.


Hays Street Bridge – 4th of July Celebration

This 4th of July, we sorta missed the fireworks… but we got to chill with some pretty interesting people after the firework show. The location: Hays Street Bridge!
Let me tell you, pretty cool place to just have some social fun!

DJ playing is Electrax
Christina Zombie